Which Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece is Right for Me?

Apnea Guard

The Apnea Guard is an inexpensive solution for snoring and OSA. It’s good for 30 nights and can be fitted with the assistance of a healthcare provider. Clean it after each use with water and a toothbrush. This device has no warranty.


The TAP device is indicated for bruxism, snoring, and OSA. It’s fitted with the assistance of a sleep apnea dentist. It is custom-fit to your mouth to stabilize the lower jaw in the right position for sleep. Daily cleaning is recommended. This product has a 60-day patient satisfaction guarantee, and the parts and workmanship have a one-year warranty.


The ApneaRX is a sleep apnea mouthpiece that is for OSA and snoring. This is a product that is known as a boil and bite to fit. It goes in boiling water, then is dipped in tap water before placing in the mouth to custom mold.  It has a 30-day guarantee and 90-day replacement. Daily cleaning is recommended with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste.