Botox & Juvederm in Little Rock and Maumelle

Botox is the only approved treatment used to smooth out lines around your eyes, forehead, and brow. It can be used to help current lines or even prevent lines you don’t have yet. When caught early, Botox can make lines and wrinkles disappear!

The treatments generally last around four to six months.  We also provide Juvederm treatments, which are a simple way to smooth out the lines around your mouth. It’s made of hyaluronic acid, which is a protein that occurs naturally in the body. Since this protein is already part of the cell wall, patients don't have the risk of a bad reaction. There is less bruising and swelling after injection compared to Restylane, so you’ll be looking great in no time! Juvederm treatments last between six and nine months once injected. 

We have been providing Botox and Juvederm treatments for over 10 years and has been serving Central Arkansas with family dentistry, cosmetic dental procedures, sleep apnea treatments, and more for over 24 years. Come visit our dentists in our Little Rock and Maumelle locations!